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Raydium COPE/USDC$4.5 mil64.76%
Orca COPE/USDC$2.1 mil210%
Orca COPE/SOL$2.1 mil210%
SolFarm COPE/USDC$2.5 mil77.12%
  • Setup a COPE tip wallet in the COPE discord stake some COPE into it and become an active part of the COPE Community to get access to Consensus trading pool ROI.
  • COPE can be used as collateral for trading margin spot markets on Mango.
  • COPE can be deposited into Mango Markets Margin accounts to earn yield.
  • COPE can be borrowed on Mango Markets securitised against assets deposited into mango margin account.
  • Keep your COPE in Sollet/ Phantom wallet (on-chain) to become potential claimants of spacedrops.
  • COPE Mango Trading Pools