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  • 2021
  • Launched H1 2021

    • Aidropped to thousands
    • Ongoing development
  • Trader call leaderboard

    Dev complete:
    • Aidropped to thousands
    • Cloud Infrastructure Configuration
    • Market data integration
    • Parallel tweet classification processing
    In progress:
    • Automating analysis of classified calls
    • Ranking algorithm
    • Efficient persistence
    • PAPI & Frontend
  • Spacedrop protocol

  • Multiplayer Shodown

  • Shodown

    Shodown game launched, one of the first Play To Earn game on Solana.

  • COPE upgrade protocol

  • Trading pools

    Trading Pools/Index driven by leaderboard.

  • >53K holders

    More than 53K holders to date and increasing.

  • Investing protocol

    Automated investing protocol driven by index.

  • More airdrops

    Facilitated multiple airdrops to the Solana ecosystem users.

  • Leaderboard

    Continued development of leaderboard & protocols.

  • COPE grants

    Help the world COPE grants.

  • Reward pools & new listings