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Earn COPE.

Interact with a series of PlayFi protocols for COPE rewards. Site upgrade in progress.

How to COPE

Stake. Play. Become part of the Community.

Stake COPE

Earn COPE through staking across pools in the Solana ecosystem such as on Raydium and Orca and upcoming COPE Trading Pools. Stake in Sollet/Phantom (on-chain) wallet to earn more COPE and become claimants in spacedrops.

How to stake

Play to earn COPE

Compete against others in COPE games and be rewarded with COPE for your competitive edge.

How to play

Become part of the Community

Join the COPE Discord and connect your wallet to start earning COPE tips for being an awesome community member and tip others for their awesome contributions and take part in voting in the bi-weekly community trading pool to be in with a shot at earning from the ROI distributed.

How to get involved

Rank higher in the Leaderboard

Keep making great trading calls and see your rank go higher in the leaderboard and receive COPE from the bi-weekly emission event.

How to rank higher


Buy merch from the official COPE Merch Store with your COPE. Stay tuned for the latest updates on when this will be officialy be launched.

Stay tuned